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Many years of profound technical experience and commercial knowledge are the foundations of this new revolutionary pond liner 4EverFlex®. Sustainability and environmental friendliness are the guiding principles of this product and under these conditions user enjoyment is optimised for the owner and this creates the ideal natural environment for the pond inhabitant. With conventional equipment such as hot air welding and hot bolt welding, the foil is easy to process into the shape and size of pond you wish to create. The incredible durability of 4EverFlex® enables us to guarantee it for a massive time period of no less than 27 years. The 4EverFlex® liner can be cut and then glued together perfectly without any problems. 4EverFlex? creates an impermeable and safe environmentally friendly seal. We supply 4EverFlex? on rolls or custom-welded to the shape you desire.

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Life expectancy > 30 years through the use of high quality raw materials.
High elasticity/flexibility.
High tear resistance.
Recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.
No "rubber air smell".
Fish and plant-friendly (no growth defects in fish and/or plants).
Processes without harsh chemical solvents.
Contains no heavy metals like cadmium or lead.
Easy to weld with traditional hot air or hot bolt equipment.
Easy to glue together directly, without strip or tape adhesive, which creates a really strong bond.